Sky Buggy / NYC ✈ LA

by Apache Wilds

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released December 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Apache Wilds Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Sky Buggy
Sky Buggy fly ooh,
Sky Buggy fly

Your home is in the clouds
How wonderful it must be
to soar above the hilltops
And the sparkling sea.

Sky Buggy fly ooh,
Sky Buggy fly…Sky Buggy fly!

Rise and fall and circle back again
Your propeller putter
makes my heart flutter
Gravity has no claim on you
I will build a sky buggy too

Now I carry no burden but myself
I'll zip and zoom till my wings fall off.
Now I've seen every value and every perspective known
On account of them I have grown
And now far above them I soar alone.

Sky Buggy fly ooh,
Sky Buggy fly…Sky Buggy fly!
Track Name: NYC ✈ LA
Life is an ambush,
Wrapped in impenetrable mystery.
In the city I will scratch behind the surface,
And in the house of Knowledge and Power I'll dwell.
I leave behind the smoldering ashes of my country's dreams,
And seek my own,
And discover what it means to own.
And I'll be my own, on my very own at last.

Fuck that shit!
Grab your skateboard and meet me at Mickey's
I've got millions to make.
Let's cruise The Strand,
Check out the chicks,
Pound a couple car bombs,
And maybe pick a fight with some Mexicans.

I feel my body slip from underneath me.
I feel the bends but I'm sinking down.
I will delve into the inner reaches of my psyche
To recollect all my childhood memories
And put each neatly in its place.
My future is not a game!
My future is not parcel to the System!
It is the crack! the crack that will burst,
Burst it all wide open.

My right hand knows love
And my left hand knows hate
But what the fuck does that matter when you skate?